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MVT has developed an off-the-shelf, ready to use product that capitalizes on the structural properties of microvascular tissue.  Each mVASC package contains a 19.5mm diameter disk of human microvascular extracellular matrix embedded in a cryopreservative and crystalloid. The microvascular tissue is derived from human cadaveric subcutaneous tissue that has been aseptically processed and lyophilized. mVASC enhances the healing potential by providing a foundation for tissue repair and may increase blood flow.  mVASC is terminally sterilized and room temperature stable for 5 years.  Please see mVASC product instructions for use for complete product information.

mVASC is marketed in accordance with FDA HCT/P regulations, and is restricted to homologous use for the repair of damaged microvascular tissues.  It can be used wherever microvascular deficiencies exist.  For example, mVASC can be added to an ischemic wound to improve healing and blood flow. 


The composition and function of mVASC has been extensively studied in recognized preclinical models: including mouse pressure ulcer and hindlimb ischemia studies, which demonstrated that mVASC improved blood flow, resulting in quality tissue healing.

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