Microvascular Tissue Reconstruction, Repair, or Replacement

Microvascular Tissue:   Reconstruction, Repair, or Replacement


mVASC™ contains key components for the Reconstruction, Repair, or Replacement of microvascular tissue. With few exceptions, all tissues have an underlying microcirculation that is composed of arterioles, capillaries and venules in which key liquid and solid exchanges occur. Microvascular tissue is the key underlying structure in which all tissues grow and remodel. Microvascular tissue includes the microcirculatory components, a variety of cell types and tissue matrix components – all of which contribute to the biologic nature of the tissue.

MVT uses proprietary methods that minimally manipulate donated human tissue and prepare the microvascular tissue whereupon the tissue, cells, and structure remain intact.  There are no living cells in the mVASC™ product.  In fact, all cells are carefully deactivated so they no longer multiply but remain intact, leaving the biologic nature of the tissue in place.  As such, delivery of this microvascular tissue to tissue sites that require Reconstruction, Repair, or Replacement is appropriate.

MVT’s scientific team has performed a number of studies to evaluate the Reconstruction, Repair, or Replacement of microvascular tissues.